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Tricks to Finding Free Images for Commercial Use

Tricks to Finding Free Images for Commercial Use

Google has made it clear that a website with many images is likely to be ranked high compared to those with less. It may not be good news for most people, but do not get discouraged because you can find free images for commercial use. This ensures that you only use images that are relevant to your website’s niche. Remember poor quality images can affect your site negatively.

As a site owner, you should know that images capture and captivate the minds of your potential customers. Therefore, use pictures that will entice the eyes and mesmerize the mind. People rely on what they see in images and text, and the more eye-catching they are, the more they are likely to buy from you. Get your free images here


This is the place to visit when looking for free images for commercial use. Most of the photos found here are illustrations of cities and landscapes. It is the best place finds high-resolution, and they can use commercially without any legal issues. It is indicated in the license page that all images are given under Creative Commons Zero license. This means you can use the photos for free whether you want them for your commercial or other personal use, you do not need to pride any attribution or ask permission from the owner or Unsplash.  If you are looking for a simple website to navigate, this is the place to find latest pictures or any specific collection that you may be looking for.


This is a fantastic platform to find copyright-free pictures. It is the home to a massive database of free illustrations, images, short videos and vectors. There are more than 750,000 items, and either an artist or a photographer adds each. You find it easy to get an image on this platform because they are displayed in a similar grid style, which you get when searching for pictures with Google.  All photos are given under Creative Commons Zero license.


Gratiography.com is a great website when looking for free images to use on your website, blog or any other online project.  However, all pictures found here are Ryan McGuire’s works. This professional photographer includes his photos, those animals, nature, cities and unique situations. The photos are available for free with similar terms that resemble Creative Commons Zero license and only a few restrictions.


Finding free images for commercial use should not be hard. The above are just a few of the many places where you get the free photos.

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